Racial Zero

racists in denial
of the connect
fear of the connection
we bleed alike
a thousand cuts
or a hypodermic puncture
life flows the same


birthed to resist

I breathe raw

scarred and unyielding

vagabond soul

cleansed before 19

entered my age

I wrote a hundred unapologies




we don’t own the day
the light favors none
suns are limited
scratch your will
in the morning
becareful how you dream
most dreams
sleep with darkness


Lucy Script

Movie house was crowded for Lucy

Nietzsche’s overman self medicating on fetal brew

Feel good critic about knowledge

or the lack thereof

Summer laughs on human frailty

We clapped when the screen fell black








summer keys

sunrise opens on cue

got keys to the day

wanderlust eyes flashing

summer antennae twitchy

summer signals overload

ride the light like a moth

best to burn before september

day closes on cue