summer keys

sunrise opens on cue

got keys to the day

wanderlust eyes flashing

summer antennae twitchy

summer signals overload

ride the light like a moth

best to burn before september

day closes on cue












I need new threads
my wadrobe is dying old
the space smells rusty
starving for purpose
I need new tags
for a new hanging
a fresh rustle when I bounce



I am a night wing

the starlight lifts me higher

The universe gets personal

not an Icarus reckoning

but transcending the fall






I wrote far before
now I write harder
my attention eclipsed
the melody jaded
I write like a drought now

The Worst Day

Was the saddest day
to fly to heaven
They crashed in war fields
shot down by war fiends
And the world played politics
kept feeding the demons

Journey well victims of Malaysian flight MH17
We mourn you